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Lviv (Львів, Львов)

In western part ofUkraine,70 km fromPoland, on the picturesque hills, is a miracle city ofLviv. Why wonder? The answer to this question is covered in Lviv, and one who has ever visited this beautiful city to agree with me on 100%. But do not begin to bustle forward and look at the origins of the city. Archaeologists suppose that the settlements on the territory of modern Lviv were as early as V age of our era. However, accepted it is to consider the date of foundation of Lviv -1256 a year is the first writing mention.

LvivIt was founded by Danilo Galichzkiy and named after his son - Leo.

Thanks to the favorable location, the town grew rapidly, and soon was moved here capital of Vladimir-Volyn principality. Golden Age of Lviv begins with 1356, when the city received Magdeburg Law, at that time Lviv is at the crossroads of trade routes fromKievand the Crimea, Western andEastern Europe. The city is rapidly growing richer and becoming one of the greatest shopping centers ofEurope. Where are facing commercial interests, there is always facing culture and religion as well. So Lviv very soon became a connecting link between the Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, Jews, Russian and Armenian. Greco-catholic, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches at the same time were built in town. Lviv, because of plenty of temples and monasteries, became known as the «city of monks» (lat - «civitas monachorum»). During the XVI-XVII centuries Lviv many times was attacked, but always successfully reflected sieges. Many battles against opponents gave the city of motto «Always faithful» (from lat - «Semper fidelis»). By the way, the same motto has of the Marine Corps of theUnited States, but only since 1883.


Rest in Lviv
Talk and talk can be a very long time about Lviv, but one look is worth a thousand of words. You should never doubt "A ride to the city whether or not". The answer for this question is always synonymous - yes! Trip to this city is romantic fairy tale you will never forget! Enough talks - collect things, take a money and go to the Lviv. Go on a weekend in Lviv will help you to weekend tours, which propose you a variety of programs and entertainment in this glorious city. To get to the city can be in different ways: by car, train and airplane. We consider all three of these options in detail. To get to Lviv by car  will not be difficult - the international route of E40 passes through a city (inUkraine divided on M-11, M-06, M-03, M-04). Route M-11 is finished and M-06 starts. I think everything is clear about train and plane - sat down and drove off.


Our train arrives at the Lviv train station early in the morning. Lviv meets us a fresh morning breeze and gentle sunshine. At first, the Lviv railway station is nothing extraordinary, especially when you trying to wake up. We pass through the station building, we leave the station square and there must necessarily turn around and look back and ... gasp in amazement! We nearly missed the sight of Lviv - his station! Not visible from the inside of all that beauty, which opens when you go out. Lviv railway station was built in 1904 and is considered one of the most beautiful inEurope. The building is modern style, decorated with big shiny dome with two small towers, statues and other architectural minutiae. It is very difficult to say in words the grandeur and beauty of the Lvov train station, but it will be even more beautiful at night when the lights turn on, leave a couple of shots to capture the miracle of architecture.


Lviv Hotels
Having admired the station, after that you faced with entirely trivial problem - where it used to stop? ? There are a great number of hotels in Lviv, from comfortable, almost “home mini-hotels” to huge complexes, where in addition to "live so get some sleep," you can still go to the sauna and relax in the Jacuzzi, go the club to dance. The choice is yours ...


Do you remember when we drive out from the station area of Lviv, we passed by some marvellous whether temple, whether cathedral? Here from this point we will begin. This marvellous temple is situated on the Kropivnickogo area and it was named in honor of saints of Olga and Elisabeth. It was built in1911 inhonor of a favorite among the people, the Empress Elizabeth (Zizi), Habsburg, wife of Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I, and then it was called theChurchofSt. Elisabeth. Made in the Gothic Revival style with elements of North German and Roman architecture: the high peaked steeples, pointed windows, portal with a large rose in the center, inner vertical space.One of the highest buildings of Lviv, when stand beside it feel like grain of sand, and  do not because of the height, but because of the grandeur of the buildings.


Sights of Lviv 

After admiring the temple, make a few steps down the street Stephan Bender and turn onto the street Nevsky. Actually walking in Lviv, it is needed all eyes to look around, because all the Old center of Lviv (and that's where we are right now) is included in UNESCO's cultural heritage, every house is a small architectural masterpiece. And if you will see a tablet on a house, it is not needed to think «and here lived certainly someone there...», can so appear in principle, but it will be written a house was built in what century, in 95% cases. And if you see at the sight «XVI century» be not surprised. There are some dwelling-houses built in a 16 age in Lviv.


And here we come to another sight of Lviv, in front of us in all its glory appears, standing on a mountain, St. Jura - the main Greek Catholic Cathedral of the city, the main shrine of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Moreover, exactly here took off fragments from a film "The Three Musketeers." The first cathedral on this place in Lviv, was built by Danilo Galitsky in 1280, but was destroyed by the Polish king Casimir III. An Orthodox church was raised in 1363-1437, astone church in the Byzantine style basilica. But we”ll see a third, so to speak, a modification of the cathedral now. Many famous movies have been filmed in castles of Lviv. Lviv’s castles are placed not far from the city.

Lviv Cathedral

 Svyatoyursky cathedral was built in 1744-1770 years, a stunning architectural ensemble in Baroque style. The Cathedral stands at the top of the mountain, finishing its slopes, and trees, approaching to building, in harmony with silhouettes. The road to the entrance of the cathedral is a magnificent main gate, topped with small statues of saints. The facade of the temple, it is now an architectural marvel, it is decorated with statues of Saints Athanasius and Leo, and is crowned by the figure of Atticus George the Victorious. Inside the interior of the Lviv Cathedral is striking in its pretentiousness and integrity. Architecture, blending with the sculpture and fine decorative elements, creates a simply indescribable beauty of the ensemble of interior. Your heart remember every moment spent in this spiritual abode of Lviv, forever!


We go out from the Cathedral with a light heart and soul of light - that is necessary for further walks. We go down to thesquareofSt. Yura, turn onto the ListopadovogoChinastreet and to the right of us is a wonderful park - Park named after Ivan Franko. There is comfortable shady alleys, mysterious age-old trees. They call us to get rest under their canopy on comfort benchs. And why no? The ancient trees here are still remembered Bohdan Khmelnytsky. You can feel the atmosphere of ancient mystery in the oldestparkofLviv.

MonumentofIvan Franko

 We pass through the park and meet with amonumentofIvan Franko, and of the same name University stand opposite it. Lviv’s University is one of the oldest inEurope- it is almost 400 years old! It was built in1881.TheUniversitydecorated with a majestic portico with columns and loggia, by sculptural allegories "Work" and "Education", on attic - "Galicia, Vistula andDniester." When you look at theLvivUniversity, you slowly begin to envy studiozusam, because they are watching this beauty every day.


After that, we go down by theSlovakiastreet and turn toKopernika street, it will bring us to thesquareof ​​Adam Mitskewicha. And right now, to the right of the street there is a luxurious building in the style of French classicism, it isPalaceofPototsckiy. Facades are decorated with figured framings of windows, sculptured balconies and mansards. The main entrance is designed as an arched portal, decorated with Ionic columns.PalaceofPototsckiy  radiates majesty and age-old calmness straight, as in principle, and all Lviv.

LvivAdmiring the miracle of Lviv architects, we can continue a way to the area of ​​Adam Mitsckiewicz.

And here it is our area. The monument is a 21-meter tower topped with gold flames, and Adam Mickiewicz communicates with an angel at the base of it. The Sculpture radiates majesty and splendor.

The center of Lviv

From thesquareofAdam Mitsckevichbeginning one of the main streets of Lviv -Liberty Avenue. After we turn to to it we can enjoy a walk in the very center of Lviv, a comfortable shade of the trees and the cool comfort reigns, and the surrounding age-old buildings evoke the atmosphere of romance and antiquity, the soul becomes easy and enjoyable. We approach the regular attractions of Lviv - Lviv Opera House.

This is one of the most beautiful opera houses inEurope. As well as Odessa Opera House, it was made  in style of renaissance and baroque. The huge dome of the four turrets, a large number of sculptures and other fine architectural ornaments, make a general view of the Lviv Theater magical and unforgettable. Did you take a picture of Lviv Opera? Then we turn to the right and go down toLesya Ukrainian street, go toward the Armenian cathedral, it is only two quarters, and they are very small here.


The Armenian cathedral was built as early as 1363, on the money of local merchants. It is a whole architectural ensemble consisting of: a bell tower with the entrance to the main courtyard, a decorative column with the figure of St. Christopher, the building of the former Armenian bank, the palace of the Armenian archbishops, housed in a former monastery of Armenian Benedictine. All this building of the Lviv Cathedral looks very old and ancient, but at the same time, well-groomed. There is atmosphere of antiquity, peace, silence and meditation in the courtyard. Feelings are unforgettable and amazing, I wish to stay here and meditate on the eternal questions of life, life and death.

The heart of Lviv

 After we enjoy the peace and comfort of the Armenian cathedral, we can go down byKrakowska streetto the heart of Lviv city, it is aMarket Square. And here, well, just eyes run! Sights are all around us.All around of Lviv’sMarket Squareare 44 houses (11 on each side). All of  them are work of art, in fact the richest merchants of Lviv lived here, and each of them tried to his house looked richer than all the rest. But one house is very different from all others - it is completely black. Interestingly, it was originally built snow white, but over time the material is completely changed the color fully. Now it isLvivHistoricalMuseum.


In the center of the square is the Town Hall building of the city. It was built back in1835 inthe style of Viennese classicism. It was ornamented with various architectural minutiae, and before an entrance we are met by guards-lions with the emblem of Lviv on there shields. There is a viewing platform of City Hall where you should definitely go up - there just opened a spectacular view to the numerous churches of the city. Do not forget about the age-old pharmacy, opened in 1735. There is a museum where you will see old scales, a variety of bowls, and one of the rooms recreated an ancient laboratory now. Dominican cathedral and monastery of Lviv stand a stone's throw from the pharmacy. This is one of the most significant monuments of Baroque architecture of Lviv. When you look at the cathedral, it is simply breathtaking, of the majesty and spiritual power, which did hit through walls and windows.

Time flows very fast in Lviv and twilights go down already. It's time to pay attention to local restaurants and cafes of the city. They will surprise even the most inveterate traveler, for each of them are decorated in unique style. There are Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Armenian and even Masonic restaurants in Lviv, and in each of them has its own unique flavor. And comfort and coziness of them can beat all imaginable records.


A morning comes. And we have not visited even half of sights of Lviv (not fact, by the way, that you will have time to all, what I wrote about). In fact we did not visit theBernardineChurchand Monastery, the Cathedral (Latin) Church,ChurchofSt. Johnthe Baptist, Catholic and Benedictine Monastery, Church and the Carmelite Monastery Discalced, Church of the Casimir Catholic Poor Clares,ChurchofMary Magdalene,ChurchofLadyof the Snows and a dozen more churches of Lviv. So, that nothing to do but to stay for a day more in hotel.

One way or another, but the Lviv will definitely be one of your favorite cities and you will definitely come back here!