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You have never been in Dnipropetrovsk? And do you think till now that the name of city connected with Peter I? so You need to go there. This is a big city with its own zestful. Take some money for the transport, hotel, food, odds and ends and go on.

The building of Dnipropetrovsk began in 1877 year. Catherine the Second planned to rear there a center of province. The omnipresent Potemkin became a performer. The primary name is Ekaterinoslav. The city untwist by leaps and bounds with the variable success. By the beginning of 20th century it can be proud of quite extraordinary constructions: Potemkinskiy Palace, English club, the hotel “Astoria”… in 1926 Novorossiysk was renamed to Dnipropetrovsk in honor of the Ukrainian chairman of Central Electoral Committee of G. Petrovskiy.

DnipropetrovskIf you travel with little luggage go for a walk on the main Karl Marks Prospect, and on the way there settle in one of the Dnipropetrovsk hotel. There is enough quantity of hotels of different level so there can’t be such problems with rooms.
So You are in the beginning of avenue. At the beginning of the walk You should be ready for quite dreary sight: basically there are grey clumsy buildings of Stalin epoch mixed together with spontaneous sales outlet. Among them there are two deserved facilities: the building of woolen factory of period of Potemkin and small Lutheran church (Kirkha). Oh and here is the first Hotel of Dnipropetrovsk “Central”. Go further You can see on the other side of a street the Glob’s park. If You travel with children You ought to visit this park as there is a child’s railway station totally like a real. Also there is an extraordinary summer theatre which is impressed and situated near the pond. In the Glob’s park it is very nice to have a rest from the road on the comfortable bench in the shade. There is few people especially in working days, so the birds sing with impunity on the different voices, and the violence of greenery amazes a look even a seduced contemplator. In any case if You want to have a rest, it is better here then on the bed in the Hotel of Dnipropetrovsk.
Did you have a rest? Let’s g back on the avenue and continue. The Old city is starting slowly. The houses become more modern, the historical monuments catch your eye more rare and rare. Here, for example the diminish copy of the well-known high-rise of Moscow. At the front of a house there is memorial plaque informed about that that here it was situated the staff of fighters for freedom of Nestor Makhno. Then we see the building of the hotel “Astoria” it is the oldest one of Hotels of Dnipropetrovsk.
There is another one hotel on the avenue, a little bit younger, the “Academy”. Both two hotels are really great but they cost not so cheap as they situate in the centre. Then it is a huge building – the house of Advices, built by great fellow-countryman of Brejnev. It is really scared to stay near it, You feel yourself as such a chicken in the shadow of the black kite. Close to it there is a house of governer of 19th century: three-level, quite modest look, but it doesn’t lack of a taste. The Contrast between these two buildings is huge: as the main Hotel of Dnipropetrovskand the cafeteria at the dormitory area.

Generally, Dnipropetrovsk or Dnieper as the local citizens called it consists initially just of the contrasts. It thought over as the city of Novorossiya then in the force of circumstances was in the state of crises survival for a long time.
Some time this city was serve even for the place of exile. From one side it is the manufacture worth a million, from the other side there are half a rural markets and public silent garden. The luxurious Hotels of Dnipropetrovsk are near the Khrushchev buildings. Here is the road by the avenue: somewhere the careful stones, somewhere something like an unthinkable ruts.
You ought to turn to the Lenin Street. You will not find the hotels here, but there are houses of 18th century which were built in modernistic style. The surrealistic mix of the décor of the facades will appear to your look: lion’s muzzles alternate with Haidamaks, communists and seemsed to me with the model of peaceful atom.
And now back to the avenue. By the way, along this avenue You can take a tram. Don’t forget what has happened with Berlioz. Would You like to see the most beautiful Hotel of Dnipropetrovsk ? Then You should move straight to the Lenin square. It is built on variable administrative constructions in the early soviet gigantism style. In the corner of the square the old white-brown house of amazing beauty of Khrennikov with the clock strikes one’s eye. Before the revolution this construction corresponds something like a shopping center: here was situated the theatre “Palas”, sold arm, electrical bells, cameras and even there was a production of aquariums custom made. After the revolution in the house of Hkrennikov were placed different committees and editorial offices. During the War time fascists made the cinema “Victoria” in this building. They burned it by themselves when back off. Just in 1952 the house of Hkrennikov was restored. Now here is one of the most beautiful hotel of the city the hotel “Ukraine”.
Turn to the Dnieper from the Lenin square. Go into the New Bridge. From here You can see the cupolas of the main temple of Dnipropetrovsk the Trinity Cathedral which was built in the middle of 19th century. Perhaps the nearness to the center played not the last role to locate the position of the “main temple”. The temple is in wonderful state. Exactly here there is a wonder-working novokaidakskaya icon of God’s Mother. This icon’s history should be written separately.
Now it is worth to visit the Oktabrskaya square. This is not very far but You can take a taxi. There are no hotels here but not far from here is situated the local museum, it is the single-storey building of mustard-yellow color. But it is just in look: behind it there is two-level extension and the building of diorama “Battle of Dnieper”. The Diorama is wonderful but you should try to look it with guide or buy the booklet at worst cause there it is not so simple. The museum itself costs your last strength: if you can see “Katjusha” on TV or somewhere, the statue of Ramzes is also in Louvre, but the Hkernosovsky idol is just here. In the court of museum there is very interesting collection of the stone plastic, that is to say stone images. Indeed men are generally there. Polovtsian and Scythian. With the swords, bows and phallus.
You should certainly visit Potemkinskiy Palace, this is a Dnipropetrovsk symbol. Visit Shevchenko park, admire the original Flora. You can go through the foot bridge to the Monastic Island from here, which was reached by Andrey Pervozvanniy according the legend. There is quite good collection of fishes in the aquarium’s building. If You want You can visit a local beach. Park amusement and Water Park are function on the island. The prices are middle. There are no hotels here but you can eat something here without any problems. In fact there are more then 200 tourist recreation center in Dnipropetrovsk region that is why if You want a nature here it is enough of it in plenty on the different taste and prosperity. In addition in the center of city the yacht club function actively, which organized every year on 12th of September a big regatta on the Dnieper. If You like sailing or have a yacht You can communicate with the real professionals of this affair or feels about the next race.
Now take a minibus and go to the embankment. By the way, there is a hotel “Nadejda” (Hope) with the symbolic name on the boulevard. You can stay in it. The hotel “Dnipropetrovsk” is the alternative for it. Of course, there are a lot of cheaper hotels like different mini hotels and private hotels of Dnipropetrovsk scattered all over the city, but if will we suddenly want with You go for a walk at night along the embankment? There are snack bars in plenty near the embankment that is why the dinner will be in time. Generally this Dnipropetrovsk boulevard is the wonderful place for the slow promenades. At night You have a possibility to look at the great panorama of sleeping city, light breeze cools the burning hot during a day road way, and You absorbed in the enchanting coolness. And stars, what are the stars here! You don’t have a feeling to go back into the hotel.
In fact, to feel the taste of Dnipropetrovsk You ought to live here one week at least and don’t be in a hurry. The architecture of Shevchenko, Cheljuskina, Comsomolskaya, Chkalovs Streets it is something unique. The old courts of the city have its own inimitable charisma. They live its own special silent life far away from the city noise, administrative buildings, stations, Hotels of Dnipropetrovsk. Here You would like to live, to look, to breath old ages, to sit down on the ancient bench and may be stay here forever.